Sheepadoodles Rock


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Frequently I am ask what I love "most" about the sheepadoodles.  Gosh, that is kinda like asking what I love most about my children and grandchildren.  The sheepadoodles have so many adoring characteristics, other than the fact the Sheepadoodle is a beautiful dog (sssh! I say "dog" quietly, so they won't hear), and I do so love a beautiful animal. My first encounter with a sheepadoodle was a few years ago, at a dog show.  A spectator was walking one around, and I looked and kept looking at this beautiful creature, but just couldn't put my finger on the breed, which troubled me greatly, since I've been involved in purebred dogs and going  to dog shows for more than 20 years,  and have seen more than a few different breeds.  Thus I just couldn't resist asking the owner, and was told it was a sheepadoodle.  I stored this information in the back of my mind, and pondered on it on the way home.  From that day on, owning a sheepadoodle has never been far from my mind.  I gave much serious thought to producing the sheepadoodle.  I already had parti standard poodles, as I was in the beginning stages of starting a parti breeding program, along with my red standard poodles .  I too owned a gorgeous male sheepdog, whom I had taken into my home, when a breeder was forced to give him up, due to failing health.  I can assure you producing sheepadoodle puppies was no spur of the moment or over the night decision.  I thought long and hard, for over a year before I finally (and a bit reluctantly, I might add) decided to take the leap and breed my Lovely standard Poodle Elle to Shag (OES)  I was overjoyed with the outcome of the breeding and the puppies I produced.  As with any new venture, I learned a lot with my first litter of sheepadoodle babies.  Sheepadoodle puppies are so calm, sweet, and loving, always delighted to see their human family.  The sheepadoodle puppies are very thrifty, good eaters, and just a joy to raise.  I am finding the Sheepadoodle is a very clean animal as well.  When my sheepadoodle puppies are about 3 weeks old, they start climbing out of the whelping box, and potty on the newspaper.   Sheepadoodles are very intelligent and they are very willing to learn,  I have had very positive feed back on their ease into housetraining.  As with all my puppies, they are born inside either in my house, or nursery with temp control and special heat pads under and overhead lights for extra heat in the whelping box.  Tile floors are lined with paper, when puppies leave the whelping box, and once they have had their first vaccine, they  start pottying outside on stoned pads than can be cleaned and disinfected.  As far as I am concerned health and sanitation go hand in hand, and is certainly a top priority here at Seminole.  Our nursery and whole facility, as a matter of fact , is designed in a way it can be easily cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis.  At 3-4 weeks of age, puppies start eating a homemade gruel, with added nutrients, and they really thrive from the extra food.  Usually by this time, the Mom is way tired of the litter pulling on her, and gladly accepts some relief.  I will be adding more thoughts to this page as time permits, there just isn't time and enough space to say all the positive things about a Sheepadoodle.  The Sheepadoodles make wonderful companions for all ages, they are delightful with children, adults, and a calm, listener to the seniors.  Right now, I hear my Sheepadoodle puppies whining, and I must see to them.  Hope U have enjoyed my thoughts on the wonderful Sheepadoodles.  May God Bless and Keep You Safe.